Voluntary Gateway Dundee is a partnership between Dundee Social Enterprise Network, Dundee Voluntary Action and Volunteer Centre Dundee.

This partnership fulfils the aims of Third Sector Interfaces: to develop and support social enterprises; to develop and support voluntary organisations in their local areas; and to promote and support volunteering. See www.vascotland.org for more information.

A new Third Sector Forum is facilitated by Voluntary Gateway Dundee, connecting the wider Third Sector in Dundee to the Community Planning Partnership. The Forum aims to: provide a coherent, collective voice for the Third Sector and strengthen engagement between the Third Sector and Community Planning Partners; increase the Third Sector's input in key areas of public policy in the city and impact on the delivery of public services; and increase awareness of the impact which the work of the Third Sector has on the people of Dundee.

As part of our funding from Scottish Government they have asked us to share our annual report and workplans.

Voluntary Gateway
Annual Report 2012/13
Voluntary Gateway
Annual Workplan 2013/14
Voluntary Gateway
Annual Workplan 2014/15

Programmes Managed by Dundee Third Sector Interface

Reshaping Care

The programme aims to help older people keep independent and well so that they can stay in their home for longer. Futher details of the programmes and work being undertaken are available at:


To Contact Dundee Third Sector Interface

Write to:
Voluntary Gateway Dundee
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Dundee  DD1 1LL

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01382 305705

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